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Embryo Research
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Embryo Research
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Raymond Embryo Research CentreRaymond’s association with animal husbandry dates back to three decades when Raymond Limited established a sheep breeding farm at Dhule in Maharashtra for research in various aspects of sheep management and reproduction in 1970. Raymond was the first organization in India to introduce Embryo Transfer in Sheep (1977).

Chairman Emeritus, Raymond Limited, Dr. Vijaypat Singhania, is actively promoting cattle development, an issue close to his heart. He encouraged the development of and propagation of Embryo Transplantation Techniques for the up gradation and breeding of high milk-yielding cattle.

During 1983 a well equipped ‘Raymond Embryo Research Centre’ [RERC] for cattle was set up at Gopalnagar near Bilaspur in Chattisgarh state. The laboratory continued the extensive research in Embryo Transfer in cattle. The significant achievements of Raymond in the field of embryo transfer have resulted into birth of thousands of Embryo transfer Lambs and hundreds of Embryo transfer Calves.

Besides, the centre has produced quality bulls by embryo transfer technology for semen production. The RERC was also successful in freezing and sexing the embryos and produced calves out of these frozen and sexed embryos. This centre has gained national & international recognition due to the pioneering and extensive work in the field of Embryo Transfer in cattle. It is the only Embryo Transfer laboratory in India which is accredited by The Union Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Government of India.

J. K. Trust Gram Vikas Yojana

With the objective of transfer of the technical expertise gained over three decades to the grass-root level, J. K. Trust Gram Yojana (JKTGVY) was launched in 1997. The mission of JKTGVY is to significantly improve the quality of life in India’s rural areas through a “Cattle Breed Improvement Programme” (CBIP) that achieves the following goals,

  • Reducing Infant Mortality and Malnutrition: Surplus milk generated by high milk yielding cows helps to reduce infant mortality (especially caused in age group of less than 12 months) and reducing malnutrition among children.
  • Creating Employment: To provide employment opportunities for rural educated unemployed youth.
  • Alleviating Poverty: Increased milk production by the participating farmers effectively supplement their income by sale of surplus milk.

The main objective of this programme is to Upgrade/Crossbreed the local indigenous low milk-yielding cows and buffaloes by breeding them through Artificial Insemination [A.I] with the use of high pedigree frozen semen of indigenous/ exotic breeds. The resulting upgraded/crossbred progeny with an improved genetic make up will have better milk yielding capacity.

Integrated Livestock Development [ILD] CentreThis is achieved through a special programme called “Cattle Breed Improvement Programme” using an innovative concept of “Integrated Livestock Development [ILD] Centre

The programme operator, “Gopal”, who monitors each centre is an unemployed youth extensively trained for six months to carry out A. I. in cattle and buffaloes, by qualified Veterinarians at Raymond Embryo Research Centre, in Gopalnagar. The Gopal is provided with a motorcycle to perform A.I and provide other veterinary services like veterinary first aid, castration of scrub bulls, deworming and preventive vaccination against various diseases at Veterinarian monitors the workthe doorstep of the farmers. Activities of these programme operators are supervised and monitored by qualified veterinarians. One veterinarian monitors the work of 10 ILD Centres.

The Trust is currently operating a network of 3860 Integrated Livestock Development (ILD) Centre in 110 Districts of Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Gujarat, & Odisha. Through these centres, we are providing Veterinary services to about 30,000 villages in these states.

Besides the Cattle Breed Improvement programme, the Trust is also participating in “Integrated Rural Development Programmes” namely Madhya Pradesh Rural Livelihoods Programme [MPRLP] in M.P., Andhra Pradesh Rural Livelihood Programme [APRLP] in A. P. which are funded by Department For International Development (DFID), UK. The Trust is also participating in Chhattisgarh District Poverty Reduction Programme [CGDPRP] in Chhattisgarh funded by World Bank.

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